In Morocco

A terrible earthquake of 7.2 magnitude struck Morocco’s Marrakesh area at 11:11 pm on 8 September .This is the country’s worst earthquake in 6 decades. Due to which a huge number of lives were lost in Morocco. The bad news of the death of almost 1000+ people.On this issue, India has also shown its reaction to help in dealing with this terrible disaster.The epicenter of the earthquake was near the town of Ighil in the Atlas Mountains to the southwest, 11.8 kilometers away from Marrakesh.This earthquake was caused by a shallow fault beneath the mountain range. It was a terrible scene that destroyed a large number of buildings, historical sites and a large number of people.

Earthquake tremors were also felt in Spain, Algeria and Portugal.According to the United States Geological Survey, the depth of the epicenter was 18.5 kilometers. Whereas according to the local seismological agency of Morocco, the epicenter of the earthquake was 8 kilometers. According to eyewitnesses, the tremors were felt for 20 seconds And 19 minutes after the original earthquake, tremors of 4.9 magnitude were felt.205 are seriously injured.In the news published on social media, one can see the spectacular scene of how people are covered with debris and clouds of dust can be seen. Internet service has been shut down for some time .People fled their homes in Morocco’s capital Rabat and elsewhere. 

According to Morocco’s interior ministry, the number of those killed  in this earthquake is 1000+ and further increase can be seen in this number and the number of injured is 1024+. Many people died in the south of marrakesh In many places in Marrakesh, old houses and walls collapsed, leaving many families buried under the debris. And many families died under this debris . Many mosque walls and minarets collapsed and many vehicles were damaged.Many buildings collapsed at the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site in Marrakesh The campaign to save the people could not be started due to  hilly area , the broken roads and broken rocks dicontinued for some time as people started removing the debris with their hands because the rescue work could not be started. 

Various countries consoled Morocco for its recovery from this. India’s PM NARENDRA MODI said that India is ready to offer all possible assistance to Morocco in this difficult time .

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