koala is a Endangered

Koala is an animal found in Australia as a vegetarian animal. it is a mammal, it eats the leaves of eucalyptus trees as food.

  • Koala is a marsupial animal, here marsupial means that their babies are underdeveloped, for a few weeks after birth, they keep their babies in a pouch near the stomach until they develop . 
  • The population of it has been declining instead of increasing for 2 decades. This decline is believed to be from 33 to 61 percent. It was a disaster on the it as well as a disaster due to the terrible fire in Australia in 2019 And came due to which about 60 to 65 thousand koala have been affected, this fire is known as ‘Black Summer’.
  • It has been declared as an endangered specie.
  • Scientific name – Phascolarctidae
  • Class – Mammals
  • Subclass – Marsupialia
  • union – cordeta
  • Weight – 3.5 kg to 15 kg

its colour silver colour .

its body length 58-88 cm(23- 35) inches

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